Greetings fellow Love Runners!

Membership fees for 2024 are only R300!
(Junior members 18yrs old and younger pay R120)

As a Love Runner or potential Love Runner, we would like you to understand our objective as a club. We strive to be a positive influence on the running and walking community in Pretoria and by extension, Gauteng. Our motto – “GET FIT, GET FRIENDS, CHANGE THE WORLD” is a good summary of our intention as group of like-minded individuals with a common interest, that of running and race-walking!

We would like to impact the running and walking fraternity around us by serving the sport and those participating through the medium of running.

From casual runners who partake in the odd 10km to the more serious athletes who tackle South Africa’s various ultras we have a strong social focus, not only ensuring that we get to know one another but also that we keep contributing to the greater community. IN SHORT, WE ARE A CLUB WITH A DIFFERENCE.

As a club we are committed to not just seeing our members as numbers, but we would like to get to know you better. We want to motivate you to be a part of what we do and who we are.

Club members are expected to get involved on club activities. For example, volunteering for the Love Run, taking part in league races (doing a league race helps the club gain points and betters our overall position), volunteering for hosting the gazebo at the races or time trial and attending socials (we really want to see you there to put a “face” to a name).

Membership is by way of application, and subject to the approval of the Love Running Management Committee. Registration is only complete once you have physically collected your licence number from us at either on a Tuesday time trial or from our gazebo at official AGN races. Licenses must be collected within 4 weeks of registration or confirmation, failing which your 2024 membership application will be cancelled without a refund.

Club fees

Club Fees for 2024 are R300 for existing members and new members.
Junior members 18yrs old and younger pay R120.
Please make all payments directly into our bank account (reference LR followed by your name).
Please check that your record on the ASA website has been correctly set to Love Running AC. According to ASA regulation, we are required to hold proof of your registration. The proof of registration with ASA can be downloaded from their website (“Edit my details” tab and click on the “Member form” green button).

Kindly send us an email, with title “Membership 2024”, to containing the proof of payment and your proof of registration with ASA.

Club runs

We run/practice together every Wednesday from 17h30 or 17h45 for 18h00. And every second Saturday of the month which will be communicated on our WhatsApp group. ALL fitness levels are welcome as we cater to walkers and runners alike!

Club vests

Club vests are stocked at RUN-A-WAY SPORT who are now located at 302 Freesia Street, Lynnwood Ridge. THEY ARE SOLD FOR R 300 EACH ( please bring cash).

AGN league points system

AGN League Races are held approximately every four weeks (about 11 races a year) and participation in these races earns points for the club in the league system.

First time members

First time members will be required to register with Athletics South Africa (club name: Love Running AC), make payment to our account and buy one of our stylish club vests. If you would like to register please click the link below:

Registration with ASA
You would also need to complete the membership registration form below.
2024 Love Running Membership application form

Members transferring from another club

Members transferring from another club, must first request their current club to release them for transfer with ASA. Once released, please log in to Athletics South Africa and assign your running club to Love Running AC, make payment to our account and buy one of our stylish club vests.

Verify your club allocation with ASA
2024 Love Running Membership application form

Existing members

If you were a member in 2023 and have already registered with Athletics South Africa, you only need to complete the online membership form, make payment to our account and please send your proof of payment and proof of registration with ASA to You would also need to complete the membership application form:

2024 Love Running Membership application form

All applicants

All existing, transferring and new members must complete the membership form below

2024 Love Running Membership application form

We look forward to another successful year and are excited for what lies ahead for us as a club and call on all our members to get involved wherever you can in 2024!

See you out on the road!

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