Love Run Terms and Conditions

The Love Run Virtual Race 2021
Terms and Conditions
14 April 2021

I indemnify the national, provincial and regional bodies, sponsors, organisers of the event and Love Running Club against any claims of any nature which may arise due to participation in this event. I acknowledge that I have entered this event at my own risk and it is voluntary participation. I acknowledge that I am in good health and aware that this is an event of a physical nature and do not claim ignorance to any risks and associated with the event. In addition, parents or guardians authorised on a minor’s behalf consent to the minor waiving all claims.

Race Rules

The event is not held under the rules of ASA, AGN and IAAF. 

The results are at the discretion of the Love Running Club and are based upon the participant’s submission of results through the correct channels, verification by the Club (including payment of entry fee), and subsequent placement. 

Participants that register but do not pay the corresponding entry fee will not receive a result.

Results will be available in age and gender categories, according to distance and discipline. 

Submission of GPS data, for example, Garmin or Strava data, is not required. The information required is name, race number, event distance (5, 10 or 21.1 km), event type (run or walk). 

Participants do not need to wear club colours or licences while participating. Licences or temporary licences are not required.

There is no medical support since participants enter at their own risk and complete the event privately.

There are no minimum or maximum age restrictions. 

Participants are to provide their own hydration and nutrition.

Foreign athletes are eligible and welcomed.

Love Running Club will not issue any prizes based on overall or category race position since the event is being held in support of a charity organisation.

Love Running Club and the organisers will not be held accountable for any loss, damage or theft.

Participants must obey local laws at all times.

Participants must obey all laws associated to the National COVID-19 Regulations, including but not limited to, wearing of masks in public places, sanitising, and maintaining social distancing.

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