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August Inter-Club Challenge – Virtual Race Walking Challenge

Hosted By LOVE RUNNING Athletics Club

Race Days:
8, 9, 10 August.

Virtual medals will be made available which walkers are welcome to post on social media. In the Interclub Challenge, Gold, Silver and Bronze Spirit medals will be awarded to the top three clubs by number of entries and by team quality as well as to the top three in every group.

Entries for the event must be sent to Chris Callaghan at chrisc37@gmail.com no later than midnight on the 6th August 2020. Entries must be in the following format.

Entries must be in the following format:
* Race #
* Distance
* Name
* Surname
* Club
* Province
* ID Number
* Licence Number

Chris will acknowledge receipt. If your entry is not acknowledged, Chris has not received your entry. No late entries will be entertained!

Results together with photo (screenshot) of your smartwatch/phone must be sent to Chris Callaghan (chrisc37@gmail.com) for processing no later than 12 midday on Tuesday 11th August. Please ensure that you once again give full details so that your results can be matched with the entries. Chris will acknowledge receipt. If you do not get an acknowledgement, then Chris has not received your results. If you did not start or finish – please send this too. DNS and DNF are results.

• This is a fun event!
• All participants participate at own risk. Participants indemnify the national and provincial bodies, hosts, sponsors and organisers of the race against all and any action of whatever nature that may arise out of their participation in the event.
• Entries must reach Chris Callaghan no later than midnight on midnigth 6th August 2020. (email: chrisc37@gmail.com; Whatsapp +27 82 375 2052)
• The virtual races will take place between 8, 9, 10 August 2020.
• The course should be reasonably flat and preferably end at the same point (or close) to the start
• You must obey all National, Provincial and local lockdown and safety rules.
• You must employ legal technique whilst racing. Please do not cheat yourself!
• Results together with photo (screenshot) of your smartwatch/phone must be sent to Chris Callaghan (chrisc37@gmail.com Whatsapp +27 82 375 2052) for processing no later than 12 midday on Tuesday 12th August. If you do not have a smartwatch/phone get a friend/coach to time you. No results will be accepted after midday of the day following the race.
• No corrections will be applied to the results. If you walk short a DNF will be recorded. If you walk over the distance your time will be accepted as is. It is your responsibility to record the distance as best as possible.
• Results will be published in full in the next issue of the South African Racewalker.
• There are no cut-off times.
• Novices are encouraged to join.
• Take note of the excerpt below from ASA CIRCULAR 36 OF 2020:

The ASA Board has a particular concern on the virtual runs being conducted by individual organisers who may not understand the risk they impose on the athletes who may be running in an unsecured and unprotected environment.

Virtual running no doubt has many advantages, such as flexibility to run the race at a time and place that suits one best, not travelling to the race, more possible variations of participation, being able to compete against anyone in any province or country and the treasured memories, medals or prize money on offer, etc.

Unfortunately, virtual running also has its disadvantages, such as the race may not entirely actually be virtual, as you may still need to run real, performances are not comparable as they do not take place at the same time or same place, the athletes do not actually go anywhere, it is not the real thing and there is no sense of community.

The biggest disadvantage of the current trend of virtual running is the poor information to, and from, the athlete that entered and participated in the race. The race organiser cannot provide medical support if the athlete becomes ill, or gets injured while participating. Neither can the organiser secure the competition environment, to prevent cheating and accidents that can lead to the death of the athlete who may be actually running. Members are kindly requested to advise their members of the risks involved in participating in unregistered virtual runs.

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